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Most of us come from an environment where your productivity is based on how many boxes you check off, how many things you get done by the end of the day, how many reports you send, how many meetings you have —all of these become the focus for business success.

We have the perspective that this archetypical "superwoman" is responsible for all of the other things that happen in her life, in her family and her world, and that gives her value.

What most people see is, if you aren't busy, you're not worth it. If you're not busy, you're not valuable.

Are you caught in the same trap that you keep pushing the limit, so people won't judge you to be worthless?

What if you're not doing it the right way? What if all your efforts are in vain?

Do you let your fears stop you or give you fuel?

Join me at another episode of Oracle on Purpose as we find answers to How Busy-ness is a Dream Crusher!

Key takeaways covered in the episode:

  • Beware of the trap of busy-ness in your business. Learn how not to feed that symptomatic problem of thinking that your value is what you create in a moment.
  • Understand that what you get off your plate, what you get off the list does not define your worth. Instead, understand that you, as a unique individual, are priceless.
  • Remember that pushing hard at running your business is not fulfilling your purpose or creating the dream life you want.
  • Bear in mind that busy-ness keeps you in the blinders! If you're too busy, you can't listen to that little voice inside that says you are meant to do more than this. If you're too busy, you can't take the steps necessary to move in the direction that your life is calling you to move toward.
  • Learn to heart that whatever you're experiencing in life right now, bless it. You are one in a quadrillion. You deserve to be here, and you're here for a purpose. 

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